PETROCARE Marine Consultants, Inc. delivers a
variety of specialized services including Loss
Control-Expediting Services, Operators and
Schedulers Support, consultancy to oil
companies, trading entities, ship
owners/operators, and Investment Firms.

Our procedures ensure we strategically evaluate
an operation to prevent our clients exposure to
liabilities/claims, which are eradicated or
minimized by careful planning and  monitoring
all activities.

Our proactive culture, dedication and expertise
enables us to investigate, react and respond to
prevent our clients from suffering financial
losses in cargo shortages, contaminations,
exposure to liabilities and demurrage claims.
Our Mission

We are committed to building the trust, confidence and to exceed expectations each and every
time. We promise to deliver only the highest quality service possible and become the preferred
choice within our industry.

The company was founded upon one of our core principles, which is to ensure that the highest
standards of integrity, expertise and fully qualified professionals are always offered to our
clients on a personal and professional basis.
Our Vision

  • We intend to provide our customers with the best service experience from beginning to
  • We believe in the use of only fully qualified consultants
  • We will play an integral role in problem solving, implementation, and knowledge building
  • We will build enduring, trust-based relationships
  • We promise to deliver results that will exceed expectation
  • We believe in saying no to accepting multiple assignments that cannot be 100 % fulfilled,
    so that we can really focus on the current that are truly important and meaningful to us
    which every client deserve
  • We will not settle for anything less than excellence within our  company, and we will have
    the self-honesty to admit when we're wrong and the courage to find solutions that will
    remedy the situation.
PETROCARE Marine Consultants, Inc. is committed to complying with their customers
requirements, applicable regulations, HSE and industry standards, and to continually
develop and improve the effectiveness. This will be done through implementation of
proactive procedures, culture, promotion of team work and employee participation in
achieving the agreed objectives for our services.

The said objectives are:

1. Customer Satisfaction (100% at all times)

2. To Gaining and Maintaining Qualified and Professional Staff (100% at all times)

3. Efficient Execution of Assignments as per Contractual Agreements (100% at all times)

4. Always Exceeding Expectations

5. To Become the Preferred Choice of Service Providers within Our Industry

6. Expansion of
PETROCARE Marine Consultants, Inc. globally
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