Our Marine Consultants can
represent you and your
interests during loading
and discharging operations.
Our consultant will be your
key link between the
vessel, terminal operators
and third party surveyors.
Our consultants are
effective because they
possess a thorough
understanding of local
shore operations and
Our presence on board places our client at an advantageous
position including:
  • Ensuring these operations are carried out in a timely
    and efficient manner
  • Ensuring that safety procedures are followed at all times
  • On site representation, keeping you informed of the
    progress and notifying you of any potential problems
  • Ensuring all paperwork and documentation is completed
One of our important
functions is to monitor
Crude oil washing (C.O.W.)
operations. Crude oil
washing has been a routine
feature of tanker
operations for many years,
however, it continues to
play an important and vital
part of discharge
operations in ensuring an
efficient and commercially
satisfactory discharge
Our consultants will review the C.O.W. plan submitted and ensure that it was prepared
with great care, and offer  recommendations, basis our experiences with the current crude
oil being discharged as required.
The operation will be monitored throughout the entire operation to ensure compliance
with agreed plan.
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Cargo Operations Supervision

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