Commercial Risk Management procedures
are essential to assess and mitigate the
risks associated with your industry. Our
team can identify and quantify specific risks
and make decisions about how to manage
and mitigate them in the future. We have
the expertise to conduct specialized
assignments including Inspections of Oil
Terminals, audits and berth operations.

We firmly believe no matter what your
industry, it is a requirement to ensure the
safe execution and maintenance of your
projects, operations and business activities,
including trade.
PETROCARE Marine Consultants, Inc. can
develop comprehensive range of risk
management services which will be in full
compliance with international risk
management standards and include:
  • Risk management planning
  • Risk identification
  • Quantitative and qualitative risk    
  • Risk handling
  • Management of residual risk
  • Due diligence assessments
  • Independent third-party research,
    surveys, market studies, feasibility studies
  • Project monitoring and management
We can assist as follows:
  • Identify risks, exposure, delays, revenue losses, health and safety incidents, quality
    failures,  contractual disputes, at every phase of your projects and operations
  • Achieving long term objectives in terms of quality, safety, cost, scheduling and
  • Improving cost estimates by managing realistic and relevant contingencies
  • Achieving identifiable schedule milestones and key performance indicators, including
    occupational, health, safety and environmental targets
  • Assure greater certainty about financial and execution outcomes
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Commercial Risk Management

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