We can assist as follows:
  • Advise on time available to you
    and potential demurrage
    exposure at every stage of the
  • Collect time-sheets, statement of
    facts, notes-of-protest, pumping
    rate, pressure documents, etc. to
    prepare for a potential claim or
    to submit a claim
  • Once claims are submitted or
    received, we will verify and, if
    necessary, contest the claim on
    your behalf
  • Monitor all the time-bars
    imposed by COA, CP or shipment
    contracts and send appropriate
    notices on time to avoid
    surprises caused by time-bars
  • Submit all charge-backs to
    terminal, shipper or receiver as
    per your secondary contracts,
    COAs and CPs to recover
    demurrages you are or will be
  • Remain on hand to support you
    until all invoices have been paid
    and business has been concluded
Demurrage claims are a constant reality in
shipping, whether you are a charterer,
refinery, terminal, ship owner, shipper,
receiver or trader.
PETROCARE Marine Consultants, Inc. can
develop viable solutions to the whole process,
providing experienced demurrage analysts to
help you to reduce your demurrage claim
handling burden to a minimum.
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Demurrage Analysis

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