PETROCARE Marine Consultants, Inc. has
a commitment to the highest standards
for the health and safety of our
employees, customers as well as to the
protection of the environment in the
communities in which we operate.

Our culture can simply be defined as the
attitudes, values and beliefs that focuses
on "the way we do things here". We
believe a positive HSE culture is largely
sustainable by trust, credibility and
behaviour of management.

We promise to build a HSE culture with
clear expectations, whereby our staff
have the required training, journey
management plans are followed, and
consequences are understood.
PETROCARE Marine Consultants, Inc.  
management is accountable for
communicating, training, implementing, and
auditing our rules to assure compliance and

We commit as follows:

  • Work will not be conducted without a pre-
    job risk assessment and a safety discussion
    appropriate for the level of risk
  • Our staff will be trained and be competent
    in the work they conduct
  • Personal protection equipment will be
    worn as per risk assessment and minimum
    site requirements
  • Emergency response plans, developed from
    a review of any potential emergency
    scenarios, will be in place before
    commencement of work
Our consultants will evaluate every
operation prior to commencement, to
identify HSE hazards, assessing and
documenting their potential impact,
which could have negative impacts on
our client's reputation. Clients will be
notified immediately of any potential
hazards and work to mitigate these
risks by enforcing compliance  with
vital controls, and effectively checking
that controls are in place at all times.
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