Draft Surveys

Draft survey is an international
commercial method that traded
quantities of bulk cargo such as iron ore,
coal, steel scrap, grain and some
specific quantities of liquid cargoes are

During a draft survey, cargo quantities
are calculated based on the change of
ship’s drafts between different stages in
the loading or discharging process by
using the scales and hydrostatic property
tables on board the ship.

This convenient method is universally
adopted as the most efficient and
reliable way of measuring the cargo
quantity where accurate product
properties such as density and stowage
factors are not reliable

Bunker Surveys

  • Voyage Reconciliations -
    Consumption analysis during
    loading / discharge operations.
  • Bunker quantity loading

At the current cost of Bunker Fuels, you
need to know that the ship receives the
amount of fuel purchased. You also
need to know, that the ship owners /
operators are accurately documenting
the amount of fuel used for heating,
purging etc.

Our team can compile a voyage
reconciliation basis the actual
consumptions from the commencement
to completion of a charter. Avoiding
costly disputes from short delivery.

With our bunker fuel inspection
services, you can be sure that you
receive the volume of fuel purchased.

We provide you with detailed and
reliable analyses of the quantity at
loading point, discharging point and the
quantity of any transferred fuel, and
measure this both pre and post
delivery, either onboard vessels, in
supply storage and/or on barges as
required. Our reports provides you with
reliable, impartial, documented
evidence should you need to make or
defend any shortage claims.
The draft survey must be conducted
meticulously, taking into account all the
prevailing circumstances (Water densities,
accurate determination of ballast, draft
readings and other deductions).
The final report of PETROCARE Marine
Consultants, Inc. Will incorporate every aspect
and difficulty, which has been encountered in
order to convey all aspects of the survey; which
will enable the client in making a well informed
decision, and avoid any potential claims.
On/Off Hire Surveys

On and Off Hire surveys can be
conducted upon requests, taking the
soundings of bunker fuel tanks and the
calculation of the quantity on board, at
the time the charter party commences
or ends.

Our report would accurately document
the actual condition upon the
commencement or completion of a
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