Our services can be custom tailored to
meet your company's objectives and
priorities, and will include double
checking the Independent Inspection
Company reports for accuracy prior to
the final report being issued, ensuring
the Industry Standards (API MPMS, IP)
were followed, ensuring that
Contractual Clauses for determination of
Quantity and Quality were fulfilled,
thereby eliminating any losses / or
defending a claim.

"A second pair of eyes" can prove to be a
valued tool within your organization.
At PETROCARE Marine Consultants, Inc.,
we understand that a Marine
Consultant/Loss Control representative
is not always assigned to be physically
present at every movement, or the
company does not have an "in house"
Loss Control Department.

Therefore, the proper management and
review of Independent Inspection
Company reports can prove to be a vital
tool in reduction of paper / physical

We all have seen it numerous times,
whereby in-accurate reporting by the
Independent Inspection Company, even
though deemed as "simple mistakes" can
result in a financial loss or reduction of
profit margins.
Our Proactive approach enables the
operators and schedulers to address any
potential problem, prior to the actual

From re-checking blending calculations,
vessel's suitability, loading sequences,  
quantities loadable/availability, draft
restrictions etc.; thereby providing the
support necessary to ensuring their
company is not at risk or exposed at
any stage of the operations.  
We are well aware of the responsibilities
of the operators and schedulers, and
their multi tasking capabilities, from
sending out inspections nominations,
reviewing inspectors reports/invoices,
dealing with agents and expediters.

PETROCARE Marine Consultants, Inc. can
assist with the management and review
of Independent Inspection Company
reports, thereby enabling operators and
schedulers to spend more time on
high-value, mission-critical tasks as
required by third party service
providers, internal departments and
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