Third-Party Storage Terminal -
Inventory Monitoring

Many tank farm and terminal operations
management systems often rely on
manual field operations.

As many monitoring tasks are performed
manually, the risk of error increases, as
does the time to realize that something
has gone wrong, both can have a major
impact on the safety and the
environment as well as financial losses.

The manual procedures found in many
of today's terminals, require a high
level of operational instructions to
execute a simple line up - an approach
that is both time consuming and prone
to error.
This execution relies on staff experience
and tends to be inconsistent from shift
to shift due to the topology of many tank
farms. There are "pockets" of knowledge
that exist for specific areas of the
facility, where shifts may know certain
areas well, while other shifts are more
familiar with other areas.

This can create difficulties, delays, and
product contaminations, simply due to
the fact that most operations do not
have a single source of expertise across
the entire facility.

We believe that a strong linkage
between tank farms, terminal operations
and the planning and scheduling teams
require a high degree of teamwork and
knowledge sharing to effectively
schedule movements, more so when
multiple customers utilize the same
By utilizing our services, we can identify
and recommend best practices that will
improve the lost time and prevent
product contamination, due to the
sharing of shore lines and pumps which
may come into contact with other
tenants products.

We can also document any terminal
delays, due to shift changes, equipment
malfunctions, systems in use, delays due
to Independent Inspection Companies,
that can have a financial impact on
Our personnel will physically inspect the
nominated third-party storage terminal,
assessing the following aspects, but not
limited too:
  • The company management,
    including structure, experience,
    resources, attitudes towards safety
    and quality service
  • The company's occupational health,
    safety and environmental policies,
    it's communication to staff,
    implementation and monitoring
  • The company's facilities, including
    capacities of shore tanks, berth
    limitations, loading rates, discharge
    rates and restrictions that can have
    a negative affect on profits
  • Their operating, maintenance and
    inventory control practices and
Terminal Audits

Prior to any agreements for third-party
storage terminals which Will be utilized
to store your products, it is critical you
know that the management of the
terminal is competent and that the
operating personnel's are properly trained.

PETROCARE Marine Consultant, Inc. can
provide this auditing and assessment
service to ensure that third-party storage
terminals meet with your company's
minimum Health Safety Security
Environment (HSSE) requirements.
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Third-party Storage Terminal
Audits and Inventory Monitoring

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Our personnel can participate in terminal inventories as required, daily, monthly or at
commencement or completion of lease contracts. Our clients are kept duly informed of
the progress of each operation from commencement to completion. Our comprehensive
report can be prepared and be custom tailored to meet the client's requirements, which
will include a detailed description of difficulties, observations and any corrective actions
that should be implemented to avoid future recurrences. Reconciliations with the
terminal will be conducted, to ensure the accurate "Entitlement Reports" are submitted,
detailing any product in shore lines and location.